Whether you are a bartender, server, security professional, general manager or owner, the Portland Bar Academy is for you! This academy is a FREE one-day workshop put on by some of Portland’s most experienced bar and nightlife owners as well as national hospitality consultants. 

In our next conference, we will have series of interactive sessions and keynote presentations all related to our growing and ever-changing industry.

Experience the unique opportunity to network with other professionals in your field and gather invaluable information on industry related subjects to help keep you on the top of your game. Get answers to many industry related questions such as how to safely run your establishment, drive and increase sales, effectively serve customers without over-serving and avoid legal and liability issues. There is something for everyone at this academy.

At this FREE interactive academy, you will be able to network with professionals in your industry, gather key information that can positively impact your business and help make a difference in the future of Portland’s nightlife. Follow us here and on social media for most current updates!